POLAR Golden Sea Multifunctional Tube / Neckwarmer
Woman wearing the Blue Golden Sea Polar Tube by Elise Charette with assorted Bamboo Beanie
POLAR Golden Sea Multifunctional Tube / Neckwarmer
Woman wearing the Blue Golden Sea Polar Tube by Elise Charette with assorted Bamboo Beanie
elise charette

POLAR Golden Sea Multifunctional Tube / Neckwarmer

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Dive into a wave of style with our Golden Sea multifunctional tube, an incomparable work of art signed by Élise Charette, revealing delicate transparency effects on a sumptuous marine color palette.

More than just a simple tubular scarf, it's a technical jewel that merges artistic refinement and high-level functionality, making each use a unique and elegant experience.

Seamless and lined with soft and warm polar fleece, the Golden Sea multifunctional tube adjusts to all body types with unparalleled elasticity.

Whether as an under-helmet during chilly winter days, as a neck gaiter during your ski descents, or as ear warmers during your runs, it adapts to all your sporting activities with style and practicality.

Its harmonious design adds a touch of chic to all your sportswear or city outfits, ensuring you're always at the peak of elegance. A true essential, it proves to be the ideal companion, ready to follow you in all your adventures, whether they're sporting or urban.

Give your style an artistic dimension with the Golden Sea multifunctional tube, a perfect fusion of art and performance.


Our multifunctional POLAR tube gives you versatility and freedom in one product, as you can wear it in 10 different way! 

You can choose to wear it as a neck warmer, headband, balaclava and even as a face cover to protect yourself from the cold winter.


Why people love our tubes:

  • 100% recycled polyester with a POLAR lining;

  • Excellent breathability and moisture control;

  • High elasticity and seamless;

  • Comfortable and lightweight;

  • One size fits all, ideal for adults and children;

  • Measurements (Width X Height): 25 X 70 cm;

  • Machine washable;


  • Designed by Canadian artist Élise Charette.



A visual arts and multimedia teacher and now the founder of Lalita’s Art Shop. Passionate, Élise has always wanted to make art accessible to everyone. For her, more than a visual stimulus, art is a reflection of our reality that allows us to awaken our thinking and sharpen our critical sense. She has made it her mission to bring art into all spheres of daily life to present a more creative, thoughtful, and symbolic imagery there.

    Want to level up your look with the "Tuque and Neck Gaiter" duo?

    Pair this beautiful "tube" with your Golden Sea beanie with pom-pom!

    All Lalita's Art Shop products are really easy to care for!

    Beanies and Tubes

    Our Beanies are printed with solvent-free ink, so we recommend washing using the delicate cycle of your washing machine or hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not bleach or iron. Do not dry Beanies or the multifunctional tubes in the dryer as they can shrink.

    Lalita's Art Shop Beanies care instructions



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