About us

Lalita's Art Shop is a team of passionate art lovers dedicated to introducing art to a new generation through beautiful and unique children's products that showcase the work of our favorite artists!




Lalita's Art shop is based on an educational philosophy of introducing the wonderful world of art to children at a very young age, hence awakening their imagination through toys & beautiful objects.


Lalita's Art Shop offers a collection of items, toys, and educational games created by the imagination of the most talented artists, designers and illustrators.


The team behind
Lalita's Art Shop is always looking to promote talented artists and develop new and creative products. If you wish to submit your work, please send an email to artist@lalitasartshop.com with your portfolio and resumé. 



Founder of Lalita's Art Shop

Elise Charette, is an artist, art teacher and mother of two young children and is the founder of Lalita's Art Shop.

As a passionate artist, Elise Charette has always had a strong desire to make art accessible to all. To Elise, art is much more than a visual stimulus; it is the reflection of reality through the awakening of the critical mind.

Disappointed by the simple imagery and the lack of depth of objects aimed at children through pop culture, her mission is to represent art in all spheres of daily life in order to present more thoughtful, creative and symbolic imagery.

Together with sharing her passion, discovering new talents, and developing new products, her ultimate goal is to claim children’s bedroom walls, common objects, books and toys, as works of art.