By Fanny Berthiaume

By Fanny Berthiaume - Lalita's Art Shop

Fanny Berthiaume is a visual development artist and illustrator from Montréal (QC).


She has been happily working in the entertainment industry for close to 15 years. From miniature set builder for the National Film Board of Canada (Higglety Pigglety Pop!) to a 3D environment artist and matte painter on major Hollywood productions (Arrival, X-Men Apocalypse, Beauty and the Beast, Jupiter Ascending), and in more recent years as a concept artist for TV (Zafari, The Beachbuds) as well as feature animation (Fireheart, 10 Lives), she has had the privilege to work on a variety of exciting projects in a handful of different roles.


Her creative adventures came to a proverbial fork in the road in 2019, when she decided to quit her last studio job in order to start her freelance career and make her mark in the publishing world. She has since lent her colorful and whimsical artwork to multiple picture books, book covers and all sorts of other beautiful projects.


Fanny now offers services in visual development and illustration to animation studios, publishers and other creative businesses around the globe.


Instagram: @fannyberthiaumeillustration