By Suzie Samuel

Discover the work of the talented wildlife painter Suzie Samuel


Suzie Samuel, born in Montreal, was an only child who always had a pencil or brush in hand from a very young age.

She began her oil painting apprenticeship at the age of 20, which led her to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts: Mission Renaissance after a few years. As a professional makeup artist, she now replaces her makeup brushes with her artist brushes full time.

Animals have always been an integral part of her life, and they still hold a very special place in her heart today. Due to her great love for the animal world, she takes immense pleasure in bringing them to life on her canvases.

She executes her works in her own style using airbrushes and brushes, using acrylic paint as a medium. According to her, animals have a soul and are endowed with great sensitivity to their surroundings. Her paintings stand out for their great realism and especially for the emotion that shines through in their eyes. She has received several awards and recognitions at exhibitions and competitions. Her horse paintings were an integral part of the traveling art gallery for the large-scale show Cavalia Odysseo. Several art collectors now acquire her works.


Instagram: @suziesamuel_artiste