The must-haves for a fun camping experience

The must-haves for a fun camping experience

The camping season has begun (although you can still do it year-round when properly equipped) and it's time to prepare everything you need for small (or big) camping getaways.

Of course, you already know that you need to bring all the necessary gear for sleeping (your tent, RV, trailer, or other), for eating (food, cooking equipment, etc.), and for personal hygiene. But what else do you need?


Games for the road and quiet moments 

During long car rides (and quiet moments during your stay), you need to keep yourself and your children entertained. It would be easy to put on a movie on the tablet or pull out the video game consoles, but let's step away from screens a little and let our creativity flow! You could... do some karaoke, have fun with riddles, create "search and find" challenges, and play card games or draw. Here are a few favorites that won't take up much space in your luggage (but be careful not to play them while you're driving!):


S’mores kit 

The essential S'mores kit! What would a camping adventure be without it? But be careful, let your taste buds inspire the flavors. In a container, mix 3 different types of chocolate, 3 biscuits (including the classic Graham cracker), and 3 toppings to add with the marshmallow. It could be candies, raspberries, or even caramel. A classic with endless possibilities!


Compact outdoor games

When camping, the goal is to spend as much time outside as possible. We're not always on the go, and we still have to do certain tasks like dishes. So, we can equip ourselves with outdoor games to keep us occupied in these moments and, why not, make new friends with our camping neighbors.

There are several portable games, but here are 2 favorites:

  • A washer game to play with two people or in teams in complete tranquility.
  • A spikeball game to burn off some energy and bring out a little bit of competitivenes



     Multifunctional tube for the whole family

    When camping, it can be hot in the morning and sometimes chilly in the evening. You never really know if the weather will be kind... or not! And since it's also time for outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking, you don't want to be burdened with too many accessories, like a thin hat, a scrunchie, a headband, etc. That's where a multifunctional tube comes in handy... even in the summer!

    At the water's edge, you can use it to tie back your hair, in the cool morning air on a hike, you can wear it as a headband to cover your ears, and in the evening, you can use it as a head cover when the temperature drops. You could even use it as a face mask to protect yourself from dust when mountain biking! The multifunctional tube is an ideal accessory for camping, allowing you to pack light while staying prepared for changing weather and various outdoor activities.



    Observation equipment for nature.

    Whether you're with young children, solo, or with teenagers, it's a must to have some accessories for observing nature.

    • A pair of binoculars for observing birds or wildlife from afar.
    • A book for drying and collecting new leaves.
    • A net for catching butterflies or frogs.
    • A bucket for catching different insects, or even starfish, and observing them closely.


      Of course, we are careful with all living things, handling them delicately and returning them to their habitat afterwards! If possible, observing them in their natural state without touching them is even better!

      For more ideas, download the Guide to Successful Vacations. You'll find podcasts to listen to in the car, coloring pages for rainy days, and many other suggestions for your adventures.

      Have a great vacation!

      Marie-Ève Lévesque

      Exploring Mom

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      As a mother of two children, I want to inspire families to go on adventures, explore Quebec, travel, and have fun together! That's why I created the blog of Marie-Ève and family where I share activities for all ages, adventure ideas, and travel tips with children. We are also in the final stages of converting our van to hit the road whenever we want. Let's go...we're off!

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