Back-to-School Essentials

Back-to-School Essentials


Summer is already over? We'd feel like shouting Noooooo, but unfortunately, it's true. Well, at least the summer vacation, since the true summer season is not yet over. With the holidays behind us, it's time to prepare for the back-to-school season and the upcoming autumn that is slowly approaching. The days are getting cooler, the nights are getting longer, the school routine is settling in... It's a tough return to reality, isn't it? To make it a little sweeter, here are some essential tips to make the back-to-school transition more enjoyable.


The new Lalita's Art Shop accessory collection

Have you seen the new 2022-2023 collection that was launched on August 24th? (Pssst... There will also be new additions to the collection throughout the month of September!) The beanies and multifunctional tubes are undoubtedly must-haves at the start of the school year. We know how it goes – we constantly have to buy new pieces of clothing, year after year. Those kids grow up quickly. But luckily, there are great solutions to avoid spending all your time in stores. Like the bamboo beanies, which are perfect for outdoor physical education classes and cool mornings. Or the multifunctional tubes, which are perfect for days with changing temperatures: in the morning, they're used to cover the neck, and in the afternoon, they're used to tie back your hair.


You can see the new items, including those from Valéry GouletZaïre and André Martel, by clicking here



Custom Stick-On Labels "Stick to Me"

All the beanies and tubes from Lalita’s Art Shop are true works of art, and you wouldn't want your children to lose them, right? The The Stick To Me identification label are perfect for all school belongings, even fabric items! They allow you to quickly locate your children's belongings in the lost and found bin... And it reduces the likelihood of them ending up there in the first place!

 Photo : Colle à moi


Temporary Tattoos from Pico Tatoo

Missing the temporary tattoos on the online store? Unfortunately, they won't be coming back. But, those from Pico Tatoo are a reeeeally must-have for going back to school! I've been using them regularly with my 8-year-old son since he started kindergarten. They're a little motivation boost when there are tougher assignments, when motivation is lacking, or when I want to highlight a job well done.


 Photo : Pico Tattoo 


Colorful Puzzles for Unwinding

Going back to school can be a bit stressful for children. It's the return of routine, homework, long days of concentration... That's why I think it's important to have quiet games at home to unwind. I especially love puzzles; they allow you to work on certain skills like observation, but they also provide a simple way to disconnect.


It's difficult to choose a favorite from the online store, but here we really enjoy playing Panique dans le trafic by Vigg, as well as Futur Normal from Nathan Jurevicius. 



Everyday Routine Magnets from Minimo Playful Motivation

With back to school comes, well, routine... It might sound a bit mundane, but why not make it fun? That's exactly what Minimo Motivation Ludique. Not only is the owner, Valérie, in the perfect position as a mom to provide you with these tools, but she also designs them herself. Her artistic touch is clearly evident on each magnet!


You can go for the basic kits, or you can add as many magnets as you want to create your perfect routine. It greatly helps children to have a visual guide for their evening routine, and it can also give you a breather by empowering your elementary school kids with a sense of autonomy.


Photo : Minimo Motivation 





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