Inspiration Boost: The Dazzling New Creations of Mégane Fortin

Inspiration Boost: The Dazzling New Creations of Mégane Fortin

It's already been two years since we introduced you to Meg's work. In that time, a lot has changed, and at the impressive pace at which this young woman pursues her projects, we're sure there's a long list of inspiring new things on the way!

Let's catch up with Mégane Fortin, the youngest but incredibly talented member of our creative team!

Today, we bring you an update on Mégane Fortin, the youngest but incredibly talented member of our creative team at Lalita's Art Shop. Mégane started painting at the age of 7, alongside the painter Maurice Louis, with whom she developed a true passion for abstraction.

Now, at only 16 years old, Mégane already boasts an impressive artistic career. This young prodigy, born in Quebec, has exhibited not only in the United States but also in Europe!

We invite you to learn more about this talented and promising young artist!

Hi Megane, we’re used to talking about you at Lalita’s Art Shop, but could you introduce yourself in a few words for those who don’t know you yet?

My name is Mégane Fortin, my artist name is Meg. I started painting abstract art when I was 7 years old. Before that, I loved art in general and my mother enrolled me in several art classes to allow me to explore, but I felt something was missing, I didn’t have enough freedom and everyone followed the same guidelines. But when I started abstract art, it was love at first sight! I start with a blank canvas and never know what it will turn out to be, and that’s what I love. It also allows me to express my emotions, and I love working with colors. This is why I continued, evolving and always exploring new techniques, because the possibilities are endless! I am now 16 years old, living my teenage life in grade 10. I had the chance to have 2 exhibitions in California when I was younger, I was at the Artexpo in New York last year, I also teach painting classes and I am now partnered with 5 Quebec companies. And my journey is just beginning, I hope!

You recently launched your new collection "16th Dimension". Can you tell us how it went?

I have been painting this collection since my last exhibition in September, and I presented it in June, so I painted it throughout my grade 10 year. It was a more complex year than others, because school grades are important for the future and there were a lot of assignments, in addition to my courses and other extracurricular activities that I do. So my days were very busy, and when I was painting, I detached myself from reality and it was like entering my own world. I am 16 years old, so that’s why I named it "16th Dimension". I presented it at the Découvr’Art festival in Cap-Rouge and I was very excited to talk to people about it! Once again, I was very grateful, because despite the rain, people showed up in large numbers! In fact, two hours before the opening, people were already lining up to try to get a painting. Once again, people loved it, and everything sold out in 7 minutes!

We’ve seen you in the media several times in recent months, and last year, you were invited to speak live on the show Salut Bonjour as an "inspiring personality". We also saw you recently on the news for the launch of your new collection. How do you feel about seeing yourself on screen?

At first, I didn’t like it because I was very young and very shy. Just like with art, it’s through practice that I improve! Like with my English, too! So I got used to it, and I am grateful to the media for welcoming me, as it allows my art to reach people. Of course, I have always had more difficulty with the fact that other young people my age see me on TV or in the newspaper. Over time, I realized that it’s part of who I am, being an artist!

You also took part in a charity auction for SEIA-Solidarité Enfants d'ici et d'ailleurs. Do you regularly participate in such initiatives?

Yes! As often as possible, because I love helping causes that are close to my heart. I am aware of the luck I have in life to be able to live off my passion, and if through this passion I can help others, then all the better! I like being selected for causes, often for animals or children, to help them!

I believe you are finishing high school very soon. How do you manage to juggle your studies and your career as an artist?

I just finished grade 10, so I will be graduating next year. Many people ask me how I manage to balance painting, different events with school. For me, it’s easy, it’s like second nature because I started painting in first grade, so painting is part of my life, my schedule! It’s like eating or sleeping! Also, I still want to live my teenage life, so I explore other activities, I take Spanish and harp lessons! I work and do other activities like skiing! But in all this, what is sometimes difficult is finding balance! That’s the important thing!

You once again took part in our new collection, and we’re super proud! Can you tell us more about the artworks, Espoir and Cosmic, that you offered for the creation of the hats and tubes?

As for the artwork Espoir, I created it especially for the Quebec Ville en Rose benefit event, for the CHU de Québec Foundation, to raise funds for the breast cancer cause. And for Cosmic, it was a special moment for me because there was a canvas shortage during COVID-19, and at that time, I finally had a new canvas. It coincided with Mother’s Day, so I painted it for her!

Can you tell us a few words about your upcoming projects?

I presented my last two collections in Quebec, so for the next ones I plan to go more international! I thought the biggest Artexpo in the world was in New York, but when I went there I found out it’s in Miami! So I applied this year and hope to go in December. Otherwise, I have many collectors in Europe, so I hope to go there soon. And I would love to return to New York, because I loved the experience, and it would prove my credibility, show that I continue to create and also showcase the evolution of my art! Of course, my art continues to evolve, and I have ideas for my next collections, but I will need much more space in my studio because they are big projects! I will certainly continue to teach, because I love sharing my passion and introducing abstract art, and I often have new project proposals, which I always discover throughout the year! I am also now partnered with a ski company for the first time, and I am very excited for my pair of skis to be launched this fall!



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