Gift ideas for the whole family!

Gift ideas for the whole family!

"It's not always easy to choose the right gifts. Whether it's for men, women, or even children, we don't always know how to make them happy... So, to address this issue, we recommend giving useful gifts! This way, you're more likely to ensure that your gift doesn't end up at the back of a closet. An added bonus: a useful gift will remind the recipient of you every time they use it. And it just so happens that at Lalita's Art Shop, we have plenty of useful gifts to offer you! As the holiday season approaches, today we present ideas that will delight the hearts of young and old, of all ages, whether they're sporty or not...


Did you know that 50% of our body heat escapes through the head? By covering our heads and those of our little ones, we can better combat the cold. Furthermore, opting for hats beanies made with fabrics that trap warm air while wicking away sweat makes it even more effective! So, stay trendy not only this fall but all year round by sporting the original beanies from Lalita's Art Shop! Whether with a removable pompom or not, these sporty hats will make you look fantastic!"

Our multifunctional neck gaiters, on the other hand, will keep you warm no matter the season. These must-haves can be worn every day and are designed for all types of activities: winter sports and extreme sports, skiing, hiking, forest walks, or outdoor workouts. Their sporty technical features wick away moisture while keeping you dry. Flexible, lightweight, and thin, our multifunctional headbands adapt to all body types and are easy to store in a coat pocket. Multifunctional, soft, sweat-wicking, and even antibacterial, our head coverings/bandanas will protect you from the sun, cold, and snow. Move without discomfort and without clutter!

True wearable works of art, all our products feature designs created by Quebecois artists. There's something for every taste! Our models are unique and come in various themes.

Give them as gifts! You're sure to find among our collection the perfect products to bring joy to your friends, family, or children!

Not sure which ones to choose to please them? Don't worry, we'll give you some ideas:


Gift ideas for men, women, and children from 5 to 77 years old (and beyond):

For your teenagers or fans of urban art, skateboarding, snowboarding, we can only recommend the products created by Ankhone, our graffiti artist, street artist, and muralist.

Photo: Josée Lecompte

Looking for a cool gift idea for your children?

The productions of André Martel and Kevin Bouchard as for them, will bring joy to restless children and adults who love comics and cartoons. Guaranteed fun!

To continue with the nature theme, both young and adult animal lovers will adore Claude Thivierge's products! Perfect for chilly camping nights, our thin beanies will keep the heads of young and old warm, while our neck gaiters will protect sensitive necks and noses from the cold snaps

If you're looking for modern beanies and neck gaiters with graphic and geometric patterns that go with any outfit, I suggest you discover the creations of Valéry Goulet and check out the designs from Zaïre.

Ces produits se portent aussi bien pour la course à pied, les rides de fat bike ou les descentes de ski, que  comme accessoires de ville, ou pour vous rendre au travail lors des froides journées d’hiver. Unisexes, les produits de Zaïre seront un cadeau parfait pour tous vos amis ou collègues.


For athletes and sports enthusiasts who love explosive colors, the creations of our young talent Mégane Fortin will give you the motivation and energy to tackle all your challenges! Whether it's cycling, running, climbing, soccer, or hockey, you won't be able to do without them!

Gift suggestions for women:

If you're looking for elegant beanies in soft, feminine colors that go with all your outfits, whether in the city or in nature, you'll fall in love with our items created by Catherine Parent. The perfect accessories to add a touch of poetry to your wardrobe!

The beanies and neck gaiters from this artist will prove to be an ideal gift for sporty women looking for soft and feminine accessories for their workouts.


If you're into floral patterns and nature, you'll love the products from Claire Anghinolfi and Julie L'Ecuyer. Essential for walks in the forest on cool autumn afternoons, outdoor yoga sessions, or working in your garden, these beanies and neck gaiters will quickly become your favorite accessories.


Finally, if you're an art and painting enthusiast, and museum outings are among your favorite activities, we recommend the products from Émilie Léger. The textures in her collection are breathtaking; you won't believe your eyes!


If you prefer modern art and graphic design, you'll find your happiness with Élise Charette! Her beanies and multifunctional neck gaiters will accompany you everywhere and adapt well to both sporty outfits and classic urban attire.

We hope that all these gift ideas have inspired you and introduced you to new artists! So, are you ready to make someone happy? (or treat yourself?) Our Quebec products will bring joy to the whole family and your friends!


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