Inspiration Boost - Marie-Claude Marquis

Inspiration Boost - Marie-Claude Marquis

To end the year inspired, we welcome an incredible artist to our Inspiration Boost: Marie-Claude Marquis! She has a remarkable ability to take us on a journey through different eras and emotions. Her work carries a romantic and almost outdated heritage infused with modernity. These contemporary pieces contain illusions of the past that will undoubtedly move you, make you laugh, and make you ponder. We adore her, and you will too!


Hello Marie-Claude,

For those who don't know you yet, could you introduce yourself in a few words? Who are you, what do you do, and what is your background?

I am a visual artist based in Montreal, who has an immense need for creative variety and constantly thrives on new projects and challenges.

The majority of my time is dedicated to my gallery practice and exhibitions, where I primarily engage in the reappropriation of vintage objects through typographic interventions. These unique pieces are only available during exhibitions held in various North American and European art galleries.

In between these exhibitions, I focus on Merci Bonsoir, which follows the same spirit as my gallery work but in the form of "affordable gift ideas" to offer creations that cater to all types of budgets.


You are a multidisciplinary artist, so you work with various mediums and supports. Is there a particular medium or practice that you prefer over others?

It's really the ability to explore a multitude of things that brings me the most joy. Moving from one project or technique to another is what keeps me motivated. However, it is certain that typography, vintage objects, patterns, and floral elements are recurring in my practice because I really enjoy working with them.




You also do murals. How did you come to this artistic practice? Was it a big challenge to create works on such huge supports?

I have always been involved in painting, but I started creating murals a few years ago with interior wall projects. This involved integrating them into spaces where I was responsible for the artistic direction or simply for commercial walls. Then, this summer, I completed my first large-scale outdoor mural in collaboration with Beige Fluo, who has extensive experience in this field. It was a great challenge, and I learned a lot throughout the process. It was a truly enjoyable experience. We still have two more murals to create for this project within the next two years.



Are there any artistic techniques or art forms that you haven't tried yet, but would like to experiment with?

I'm really looking forward to trying out doing the background painting on my own plates, and incorporating murals into my displays would be a lot of fun too :)



How do you come up with all these great ideas?

Hmm, I have a list of phrases and reflections that I regularly update, depending on what I see or experience at that specific moment. Sometimes, it's when I hold the object in my hands that my brainstorming begins, and that's one of my favorite parts. But other than thinking hard and conducting surveys among my circle to find out their favorite quotes from a selection of ideas, I don't have a magic trick! Hehehe.


What do you enjoy most about your work and why?

The freedom! The freedom to work on what I want when I want, to have a flexible and suitable schedule, to travel for work, to collaborate with people I love :)


How do you cultivate your creativity on a daily basis? What inspires you?

Pretty much everything can be a source of inspiration as long as it's diverse: conversations with my friends, encounters, the movies I watch, trends, nature, etc.




Do you have a habit of creating music? If so, what type of music do you enjoy listening to while working?

When I'm working in my studio-shop during opening hours, I listen to music non-stop because it sets the vibe for the customers when they enter the establishment. But when the shop is closed, I also enjoy listening to podcasts while working or simply creating in silence. I repeat myself, but I need variety, hehehe!


How do you organize your creative days? Do you have a specific or ideal routine?

Generally, it's quite organic and based on how I feel, but it also depends on my exhibition deadlines. I have intense production phases several weeks before a delivery.


Tell us a bit about the puzzles you created for us. What techniques did you use to create these different visuals? What inspired you?

I really liked the vibe of integrating paint-by-number elements into a mix of patterns. It's quite busy, but it still maintains a cohesive overall look due to the colors. For both puzzles, I used various patterns from Merci Bonsoir, and that's what inspired the composition.


Is there an artistic project that you dream of realizing?

Having a project that combines exhibition, artistic direction, murals, and curation like what Nicolas Party did at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts would be the dream of my life!



Do you have any future projects that you would like to share with us?

I will have an exhibition in Montreal next December in collaboration with the Spanish painter Lino Lago at Galerie Robertson Arès.

And my next solo exhibition will take place in Switzerland in May 2023 at Galerie Soon :)


Murals and creation of an immersive and playful bathroom for Maison Alcan.

Project in collaboration with Lndmrk.

New release!

For the new range of Lalita's Art Shop puzzles illustrated by Canadian artists and illustrators, Marie-Claude presents a collection that reflects her style!

A blend of vintage kitsch combined with floral patterns, reminiscent of the rococo era, as well as contemporary motifs!

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To know everything and not miss anything about the work of this contemporary artist:


Instagram : @marimarki

Facebook : @MarieClaudeMarquisArt 

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