BOOST of inspiration: tattoo artist Julie L'Ecuyer

BOOST of inspiration: tattoo artist Julie L'Ecuyer

"The 'Your Inspiration Boost' tickets highlight the artists from Lalita's Art Shop and celebrate their work! As we love to introduce you to new talents and give you a little inspiration boost in your day, we invite you to take a quick 2 minutes to get to know them and immerse yourself in their world!

Just like we introduced Julie L'Ecuyer in our very first ticket in 2020, we wanted to give you a little update and present their latest projects ;)

Hello Julie, we are thrilled to welcome you back to our inspiration BOOST! For those who don't know you yet, could you please introduce yourself in a few words?

I am a multidisciplinary artist who loves working with color and materials across various mediums. My educational background has not been traditional or linear. My academic journey led me to explore and discover different spheres that have become facets of the artist I am today, greatly influencing my creative work. From microbiology to visual arts, psychology to fine crafts, and teaching arts, I can say that I am both an artist and an entrepreneur. I also hold the position of Visual Content Coordinator for an online coaching company alongside my partner. I wear many hats!

Your tattoos and drawings are heavily inspired by nature and plants. They are vibrant and incorporate various pictorial effects. What drew you to this artistic universe?

I have a deep fascination for human, animal, and plant biology, as well as the world of microorganisms. The colors, textures, movement, and composition of the images I strive to create are inspired by this organic and living universe.

Tattoos are artworks created on a living canvas: the skin of a human being, someone who breathes, moves, feels, evolves, and ages... The artwork that a person carries on their skin must be in harmony with all of that.

Credits : Julie L'Ecuyer

What are the main challenges you often face in relation to your artistic work?

Managing my work schedule, creative time, and personal time to find a balance in all of it is a significant challenge I often face.

In tattooing, I have set a clear guideline for myself: it is important to me to provide the best possible service, create quality tattoos, and take great care of each person who entrusts their skin to me. For this reason, I limit the number of projects I select and undertake. I want to ensure the quality of my work, as well as provide a service that allows every person in my small private studio to feel comfortable, confident, and listened to. Without stress, without pressure... I want to offer an original artwork and a unique experience to each client. The experience is just as important as the tattoo's outcome because we remember the moment!

Credits : Julie L'Ecuyer

Can you tell us a bit more about your creative process? How do you go about bringing your artworks to life? Where do you dive into for inspiration, and how do you stay inspired on a daily basis?

My process of inspiration always bgins with an image search. I enjoy observing the colors, shapes, and textures that nature offers us. It becomes almost compulsive! I keep a large collection of them organized in my cloud storage. I have access to copyright-free image banks, and I also take photos when I come across subjects that inspire me. Later on, I transform the images, create collages, play with colors, and add painterly textures and graphic effects to compose my artworks.

In tattooing, I also draw inspiration from the individual's physique who will wear the artwork. The composition needs to harmonize with the proportions and movements of the body. It is very different from working on a flat and static canvas. I place certain elements using stencils traced from my drawings, and I complete the composition by drawing directly on the skin to ensure that the lines follow the body's curves.

Do you usually create with music? If so, what type of music do you enjoy listening to while working?
When I paint, I often create in silence. When I tattoo, I enjoy having a calm and sometimes almost meditative atmosphere. Currently, I am obsessed with the album 'Inscape' by Alexandra Stréliski.

How do you organize your creative days? Do you have a particular routine?

My weekdays are not always scheduled in the same way, but they always start with a good cup of coffee (or several)! I take this time to do image research, sketch, respond to messages, manage my social media, place material orders, and so on.

I use an iPad Pro to prepare my tattoo drawings because it allows me to manipulate the components of my image and easily adjust elements as needed for printing my stencils.

In the summer, I take the time to go for a walk in my garden and play around with the plants. In the afternoon, depending on the day of the week, I reserve a time slot for either tattooing or my personal painting creations, or my work as a coordinator at Po9. I keep my evenings and weekends for my personal life and self-care. Finding balance is important when you're your own boss.


Tell us a bit about the beautiful beanies you created for us. What technique did you use to create these different designs, and why did you choose these patterns?

Because wearing a small piece of colorful nature is beautiful and inspiring! My creations were digitally designed to facilitate the transfer process and ensure better image quality when printed.

Do you sometimes collaborate with other artists on joint creations? And are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

In my creative process, I tend to be more solitary. I enjoy having my personal space to think and create at my own pace.

However, in my painting process, I do enjoy exchanging ideas with other artists about aesthetics and techniques. It stimulates me. I would love to have the opportunity to organize a collective exhibition with other female painters.

Is there an artistic project that you dream of accomplishing?

I am currently working in a new direction in my painting. I have realized that tattooing has changed my way of painting, my work rhythm, my perception of contrasts, my use of colors and textures. Like many artists, the pandemic has had an impact on my work and my perception of the world around us and humanity. Over the past year, I have reconnected with oil painting and portraiture, and I am currently in the midst of exploration. I would love to prepare a new exhibition of my paintings once I have successfully materialized the mental images that currently inhabit me. Stay tuned...

Crédits :  Julie L'Ecuyer

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