6 motivating tips for getting back into running!

6 motivating tips for getting back into running!

In this month of April, many are already beginning to forget their 2022 resolutions, but the cold, gray, gloomy weather is almost behind us, the days are getting longer and the temperature is getting warmer. That's why I'm going to try to give you my little tips to motivate yourself and get back into running slowly.

1. Schedule an outdoor outing Whether it's daily at lunchtime

At work or in the evening, with your partner, taking a little walk outside (rain or shine) gives you energy. You just need to dress appropriately and the half hour goes by super fast. So put on your best thin beanie and a good neck warmer, and go get a good dose of energy! If it's too hot for the beanie, you can put on a multifunctional tube to cover your ears or neck.

Once outside, you can start with brisk walking, move on to a walking-running interval, and gradually run longer distances. Finally, all you have to do is schedule the activity in question and keep your commitments!

2. Finding a partner

It's always more motivating to have two or more people: one person motivates the other and vice versa the following week!

3. Setting a goal

A challenge, or a competition in the spring, can motivate us to get moving and come out of hibernation.

4. Kicking yourself to put on your shoes

Once the shoes are on, it's easier to open the door. So a simple "go" and the machine started to run a few kilometers on the asphalt or in the woods.

5. Focus on the positive

It's easy to give up, so when we achieve a small feat, it's rewarding and great for our self-esteem. Take the time to congratulate yourself and thus, next time, it will be easier to remember the little boost that it gave us to continue persevering. Every little victory deserves to be celebrated! Congratulate yourself and treat yourself to a new accessory, a game, a massage or an outing, if you feel like it.

6. Look at the improvements

Sometimes, it's necessary to step back to see our progress. We must be aware that when we're too involved, the slope can be steep. There are unexpected small obstacles, and sometimes, setbacks. I recommend keeping a journal to see what we have acquired or improved, as it's good for morale! We should not compare ourselves to where we were at the end of last season, but rather since we started our fitness journey.


Finally, don't forget that no matter the "good excuses" that prevent you from starting running again, it only takes a few minutes of your time: it always takes about 5-7 minutes to start appreciating the running workout, but the benefits are reaped for hours, even days after. So, rejoice in the fact that you've done a good deed for your health and have made progress in achieving your short, medium or long-term goals.


Geneviève Asselin-Demers

Active mom

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  • Sylvie

    Je marche dehors presque tous les jours avec mon pitou qui va avoir 12 ans le mois prochain…donc une courte promenade à un rythme lent…et récemment en portant vos jolies tuques fièrement! La course ne m’est pas autorisée pour une raison médicale mais de la marche rapide, ça je peux :) Vous m’avez redonné l’envi de me remettre à la marche rapide, après avoir fait la promenade avec la belle petite Blanca bien sûr! Merci pour ce blogue stimulant! J’ai bien hâte de recevoir et de porter le joli tube multifonction très coloré pour l’été:)

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