The 5 Keys to Happiness in Winter!

The 5 Keys to Happiness in Winter!

Winter is here. The days are getting shorter, and we find ourselves in darkness longer than in daylight. We all know that this affects the morale of the troops. So, for a few years now, I have been scientifically interested in happiness. Yes, happiness. It's not a goal or an endpoint to reach, but rather a state of mind, a feeling in the here and now of human existence.

In my research, I have discovered a multitude of small things accessible to everyone that create a sense of well-being and envelop our homes in happiness.

- Our home. Yes, our home! Feeling good in one's home, in one's environment, reduces stress and anxiety, so let's invest in creating a cozy space. Goodbye to cold and modern decor; let's wrap ourselves in a woolly cocoon, set up a cushioned corner near a window for reading, and place candles and ambient lights everywhere. Who said candles were only for special occasions or power outages? When I say ambiance, we switch off the bright white LED lights and neon. Light a fireplace, if possible

- Eating. Why do we still feel an emotion when we walk into mom's house and smell a slow-cooked meal? It's because smell is a powerful sense that reminds us of comforting childhood memories. So, we make oven-baked dishes, hearty dinners in pots, and toast bread. As often as possible, we try to cook together, with family and friends, in a simple way. We also indulge in dessert, which we cook together as a group.

- We dress up. We bring out the big sweaters, scarves, and knitted socks. We dress at home as if we were at a cottage or after skiing. The jacquard ones are by far my favorites, and there's nothing better than natural fibers to feel wrapped up. The idea is to be warm, comfortable, and feel like it's Christmas morning all winter long.

- The arts. We bring out the old vinyl records and CDs. We listen to songs that take us back to happy memories. We dust off the DVDs and watch films from our childhood. We create photo albums and leave them scattered around the living room. We write a journal, poems, or scribble in a Moleskine, a precious gift for the creatives.

- We play. Regardless of our age, we play. We play outside, we play cards, we play board games and puzzles, we play together. Together is essential.

So, let me paint a picture for you. After returning from a hike, you've set a candlelit ambiance. As you sit cross-legged in the living room, wrapped in snowflake-patterned wool sweaters, you work on a puzzle while listening to an old Joni Mitchel album. All of this accompanied by the intoxicating aroma of bread and soup, which you'll later savor while watching Mrs Doubtfire.


Do you see happiness?


Catherine Parent


Lalita’s Art Shop 

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