4 ideas for a Mother's Day filled with beautiful moments with your mom!

4 ideas for a Mother's Day filled with beautiful moments with your mom!

Mother's Day is approaching, have you thought of something special to celebrate your mom?

The good news is that this year we can finally see each other! Yay!

If there's one thing I love, it's spoiling and spending time with my mom!

I love finding something unique just for her that she can use in one of her favorite activities!

What if we did a combo this year, activity + unique gift?

We've decided to help you out and make a small list of heartfelt ideas to celebrate Mother's Day!



Gift Ideas For Active Moms

If your mom loves to stay active like mine, then think of an activity to do with her. Sometimes, it's embarrassing for me because she's so much more fit than I am, and I don't think I could keep up with her in many of her favorite activities. The idea is to spend time with her and enjoy the moment!

Next, give her something she can wear and feel beautiful. 😍 We can definitely suggest several things in this area!

If she likes walking, running, or cycling, you can give her one of our wonderful beanies or one of our headbands. She can feel beautiful and flirty and think of you every time she goes out.

Discover a beautiful collection designed just for her!



A Chef's Gift

Do you know how many meals your mom has cooked in her life? I don't even dare to think about it! And if you took advantage of this Mother's Day to create a really cool meal, at least three courses, that you could share with her!

It could be a picnic basket filled with a variety of local products to taste and discover, all accompanied by a local wine or microbrew beer.


You could also prepare an amazing dinner, brunch, or a world cuisine experience, like Italian, Spanish, or Thai cuisine.


Cooking isn't your thing? Take her out!

In short, the idea is to take her on a journey!



Here and now

We offer her small things so that you can spend time TOGETHER and live in the present moment. Our puzzles, which also include the artist's work to frame, are perfect for this!

Take advantage of this and bring pastries, scones, and good tea! You can also wrap in a pretty decorated box the cookies she made for you as a child, you know the ones whose smell will always remind you of the warmth of her arms?

What could be better, we nibble, we chat, and we stop time for a moment!




What could be better than a rejuvenating day at the spa enjoying the baths and nature? There is no spa near your home? So, offer him a version at home.

Do you know the Deux cosmétiques products? I love showcasing great companies from people I find inspiring.

Florence, is a passionate woman who creates wonderful natural cosmetic products made with botanical ingredients from responsible agriculture. In addition to being accessible, they smell of happiness!

Offer her little treats that will invite her to stop and give herself some self-love, which she too often forgets to do.

We hope that our suggestions have inspired you and that you now have a head full of ideas, in order to celebrate Mother's Day at the height of what your mom gives you in dose of love every day.

On behalf of the whole team, we wish you a Mother's Day full of love and sweet moments!


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