Multifunctional tube with polar for active men and women, designed by the Canadian artist Catherine Parent for Lalita's Art Shop FW 24-25 collection.
Catherine Parent

POLAR The Space Between Multifunctional Tube

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This elegant multifunctional tube is a piece that gracefully merges the functionality of a sports accessory with the elegance of an artistic creation. Crafted from recycled polyester lined with a soft polar fleece, it will accompany all your outdoor exploits with gentleness and warmth.

Skillfully illustrated by the artist Catherine Parent, the multifunctional tube The Space Between fits into a palette of soft and natural colors. Its original and feminine design adapts harmoniously to all looks and circumstances.

Essential for all your outdoor sports activities, this multifunctional bandana wicks away moisture, controls static, and retains warmth, all while offering unparalleled comfort. Its thin texture allows it to be forgotten during exertion and will never hinder your movements.

Say goodbye to oversized and uncomfortable scarves! Our multifunctional scarf combines all the qualities of a high-end sports accessory, perfectly complementing the elegance and performance of our The Space Between beanie.

Let yourself be enveloped by elegance and performance, proudly wear this artistic creation both in the city and on the field.

Benefits of Multifunctional Tubes:


Our MULTIFUNCTIONAL TUBES can be worn in 10 different ways!

Thanks to its stretchy and seamless fabric, you can wear this tubular scarf in over ten different ways and easily store it anywhere! An essential ally for outdoor sports activities, our multipurpose tube/balaclava will quickly become your favourite accessory, and you won't be able to do without it! Enjoy countryside hikes, ski and sled descents, and ice climbing, as our scarf is perfect for adapting to all situations and keeping you warm even during the coldest winter temperatures.


"Quality products with great design are rare. That's what you find at Lalita's Art Shop. And FINALLY, art on our clothes instead of brands." - André


  • 100% recycled polyester with a POLAR lining;

  • Excellent breathability and moisture control;

  • High elasticity and seamless;

  • Comfortable and lightweight;

  • One size, ideal for adults and children;

  • Measurements (Width X Height): 25 X 70 cm;

  • Machine washable;


  • Designed by the Canadian artist Catherine Parent.



In 2006, Catherine embarked on the exploration of abstract art. Inspired by nature, this self-taught artist aims to create art accessible to all. In her creative process, it is not uncommon for her to use "out of the box" tools to paint differently. Fluidity in her painting gesture, transparent layering, spatula texture, and natural colors are at the core of her signature.


Want to have the "Tuque and Neck Warmer" duo?

Pair this magnificent tube with the matching Space Between beanie and pom-pom.

    All Lalita's Art Shop products are really easy to care for!

    Beanies and Tubes

    Our Beanies are printed with solvent-free ink, so we recommend washing using the delicate cycle of your washing machine or hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not bleach or iron. Do not dry Beanies or the multifunctional tubes in the dryer as they can shrink.

    Lalita's Art Shop Beanies care instructions



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