DIY 3D Paper Sculpture Selfie Panda
Claude Thivierge

DIY 3D Paper Sculpture Selfie Panda

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Are you looking for a great artistic activity to do by yourself or with your family to disconnect from social media and reconnect with your artistic talent? Why not take the opportunity to discover a new activity that will combine your need to create and desire to have fun in one original, stimulating and elegant activity?

This 3D paper sculpture is based on illustrator Claude Thivierge’s puzzle of the same name and made in collaboration with Awaken your inner artist when you build this magnificent 3D paper sculpture.


Each kit contains: instructions and a pre-printed card stock template you will use to create this 3D papercraft To make this beautiful 3D paper sculpture, cut out the numbered pieces, then fold and assemble them to make an impressive work of art. Show it off it in your home, where it will instantly enhance the décor of any room, including your child’s bedroom!

Difficulty: Medium
Size of the finished sculpture: 18 inch high X 13 inch large X 13.5 lenght
What you’ll need: scissors and glue


This activity combines the fun of solving puzzles with the skills needed for origami to make an artistic 3D creation.

Also, check out the puzzle that inspired this sculpture HERE.

Made in Québec!